Strawberries Attributes and Promotion Strategies

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Strawberries attributes and promotion strategies Name: Institution: Instructor: Subject: Date: Interviewer’s outline Opening remark: – Good morning sir/madam. I am insert name from insert institution. I am conducting a survey in regards to people preference to purchase strawberries and further insights towards creation of a promotion strategy towards the same.


What image do you currently have in regards to strawberries? What are the positive and negative aspects of this image? 2. What features or attributes do you consider when choosing whether to purchase strawberries and why these features? 3. In what situations do people eat strawberries? 4. Why do you think some people do not purchase strawberries? What then would motivate them to purchase strawberries? 5. Are people willingly ready to purchase a punnet of strawberries? Do you always buy in punnets? And how often? 6. What values do you have in regards to eating strawberries? Do you think these values can attract other customers to eat strawberries? Respondent one I love strawberries. They are sweet and healthy for the body. My children love them also. Otherwise people do not eat the fruit because of the organic foods being introduced all over. The attributes I look for I the oduor of the fruit and its size. The fruit should have a sweet aroma and should be just ripe. I often buy berries that also well packaged by the local industries. People tend more often to eat strawberries during picnics and as a fruit at home. I always carry some during picnics. Some people tend to have different desires for fruits. I think some just dislike the fruit, the price is not consumer friendly or they eat it in other form like wines and jams. ...
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