Develop Organisational Marketing Objectives: KFC

Develop Organisational Marketing Objectives: KFC Essay example
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Develop Organisational Marketing Objectives Table of Contents Introduction 3 Company Overview 4 Strategic Business Plan of KFC 4 Mission, Vision and Value Statement of KFC 5 Efficiency of the Business in Current Market Situation 6 Efficiency of the Marketing Plan 11 Conclusion and Recommendations 13 Work Cited 14 Introduction A marketing plan of an organisation provides a direction to its marketing activities which in turn assists it to achieve its pre-defined vision and mission.


With this concern, this paper will intend to identify the strategic business plan of KFC. In this regards, the mission, vision and values considered and followed by KFC in its current market trends will also be taken into account. Moreover, the purpose of this paper is to evaluate the efficiency of KFC in relation to its marketing plan. It will also intend to assess the efficiency of this plan in order to achieve the strategic objectives determined by the organisation. Company Overview Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is also famous as KFC is one of the most reputed fast food chain restaurants of the global market. It was established by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1930s in Southern USA as a small franchise business. Presently, it has around 13,000 restaurants in all over the world. A major proportion of the global success of KFC depends upon its three most important critical success factors, i.e. service, quality and transparency. In the year 1986 KFC was acquired by PepsiCo and has since then grown substantially worldwide preserving its title for the last 60 years being “The Chicken Experts”. ...
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