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Vision, Mission and Objectives of Apple Inc Apple is considered as giant in the consumer electronics market and its products are considered as one of the most successful and hot selling items. From a mediocre organization to the best firm in the industry, Apple has made tremendous progress in terms of product innovation and service delivery.


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the company with an aim to manufacture and sell personal computers. As a result of this effort, Apple-1 was introduced during 1976 and Apple afterward continued to build upon its technical superiority and was able to expand its overall range of products. Leadership & Culture Over the period of time, Apple remained under the control of different CEOs however; its glory and success came under the leadership of Steve Jobs – the co-founder of the company who was also later on removed from this position during 1990s. One of the key reasons for the success of Apple as a firm was the leadership style and approach adapted by Steve Jobs. It is argued that Steve Jobs broke almost every principle of leadership and cultivated a new and unique style which allowed Apple to dominate different markets at the same time. Considered by many as dictator and tyrannical, it was the unique vision and micromanagement ability of Steve Jobs which contributed mostly towards the success of the firm (Emerald Group Publishing Limited). It was because of this leadership style of Steve Jobs that the overall culture of Apple evolved as a culture with strong accountability and very clear and swift communication from the top. ...
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