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1. The target groups that are used with the carbon footprint of the UK and the government is one that is identified by the awareness of global warming and reducing the carbon footprint. The approach is one which is dependent first on finding individuals that are interested in the carbon footprint reduction and which has the ability to alter and change the way that the government is able to create a response to riding the bus and train.


Combining this with the encouragement and awareness will provide even more opportunities for the target groups and the expectations that are associated with this. The target group by demographic and areas in which individuals are located is one which is followed by enhancing the target group with communication techniques. The individuals will need to see the benefits of commuting to work. Convenience, saving the environment, reducing the carbon footprint and supporting government initiatives is some of the communication techniques which can be used. Combining this with the informative viewpoint of the carbon footprint will help to encourage even more drivers to take the bus or train while motivating individuals to find convenient and simplistic ways to reduce the carbon footprint. The integrated marketing communication that can be used is combined with looking at different mediums and how this can be used in demographic locations. Print media and billboards as well as traditional methods of print can be used to promote the reduction of the carbon footprint for those that are commuting to work. This can be combined with specialized approaches for different work areas and spaces that are available. ...
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