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Name Instructor’s Name Class Name Date Company Analysis More than often, it is essential to carry out company analysis in order to ascertain the company’s profitability and performance level within its market niche. As a growing company, management focuses on knowing and understanding how it fits in and interacts with the surrounding environment.


It is more important to carry out an analysis based on the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that will face as it intends to assist customers to access information on title insurance they purchase for their real estate property through iPhone/Android app. The most important function of running the internet based Company, is to ensure that there is a smooth flow of information in the real estate sector. More significantly, the focus of is to ensure that it helps consumers, realtors and mortgage originators price out competitive title insurance costs in real time by accessing our web-based platform for individuals ( 1). As a result, the use of iPhone/Android app offers to strengthen the availability of services in offering timely and competitive information. This is because, the company can add up any information to its template and its users get alerts through their iPhone/Android app (Seattleclouds 1). ...
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