Social Media and Mobile Search Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Social Media and Mobile Search Marketing in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal example
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The Social Media and Mobile Search Marketing In Saudi Arabia Aims How cancreate an independent model of how mobile search &social media can be leveraged to survey business environments to drive product innovation? Research Problem to Be Studied & Why It Is Important For This Theory Marketing and Customer care management is an integral part of any business that desires to become a success.


With the increasing use ofInternet applications in doing business, online customer care is now also at the forefront. Therefore, it is crucial that companies invest in tried and tested strategies for Internet based customer care (Wayne, 2009). Bad systems lead to poor performance by companies as customers fail to receive the necessary attention(Professional Development Limited, 2012). According to John (2009), a company’s customer care strategy has to be automated inreal time while they make use of the latest technology more. With a population of about 25.7 million people, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has about 8.4 million users of Internet technology with over 44.8 million phone accounts in the mobile industry. Statistics indicate that only about 38% of the population within the country has access to the Internet although 54% of these users are categorized as very active in their use of the Internet (Ader, 2008). This is in contrast to the United Kingdom and United States Internet users where only about 43% along with 42% respectively of their users are actively involved. ...
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