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Strategy briefing paper regarding the strategic issue

So the handsets manufactured must have facilities that support internet surfing (Grant, 2010, p. 72).
The major players in the handset business are Samsung and Apple which have captured a huge amount of market. The brands have considerable acceptability throughout the world. Not only that these brands are constantly in the process of providing the customers with the most updated products making the handset experience as pleasant as possible. There are several booming economies like China, Latin America and India which these companies have targeted and for this these brands had to take very intense pricing strategies. These companies have a very wide acceptability in these economies. The introduction of the 3G in the mobile network has resulted in making the telecommunications faster (Johnson, Whittington and Scholes, 2011, p. 23). Apple and Samsung have remained the market leader in the 3G technology. Nokia has lagged behind in this segment. The design innovation in case of Samsung and Apple are much better .Hence these handsets have better acceptability among the customers. The operating system that Nokia initially used has very low acceptability and therefore most of the buyers have switched to the Android Model. Thus it is essential for Nokia to upgrade itself to the Windows operating system to get the acceptability in the market.
After the acquisition of the company by the software giant Microsoft the company can explore a lot of opportunities in which Nokia should be following the strategies taken by Apple (Wingfield, 2013, p. 12). Nokia would be able to use the advanced operating system of Microsoft. The company can use the technological research and developments made by Microsoft to enhance the features of the Nokia handset. The software giant Microsoft would be able to market the products of Nokia in a better way. This is because Microsoft has a very wide network and the distribution channels and ...
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However, the new trends and the technological progress in the country have resulted in the slackening of the handset sales in the country (Milne, 2013, p. 9). The company has lagged behind the other…
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