Marketing Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization

Marketing Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization Research Paper example
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Marketing Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization Name Institution Marketing Tutor Date Importance of Marketing Research in Developing Kudler Fine Foods’ Marketing Strategy and Tactics Marketing research is essential for the success of an organization since information garnered aids in the development of strategic marketing plans.


It was during her trips after a corporate life that she took the risk of developing the first Kudler Fine Foods following discovery of an opportunity that she could exploit. This opportunity was sired following a discover that she could not get all her cooking ingredients in one store and this decided to open a gourmet store that would meet the niche needs of the consumers. This therefore illustrates that discovery of opportunities and exploiting them to garner a competitive advantage is one of the marketing strategy and tactics that Kudler Fine Foods employs (Kudler Fine Foods, 2011). Information technology serves as an effective tool utilized by Kudler Fine Foods Organization both for marketing research and as a marketing strategy. The organization has a web home page where it engages in online interaction with the stakeholders since it gets to acquire information on the customer responses as pertains to their products and also the needs of the consumers. Consequently, the web page enables Kudler Fine Foods to internetwork with its various branches hence reducing the travelling cost incurred in absence of online communication services. Also, following use of online home page, information gathered aids in the strategic decision making of the organization. ...
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