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Executive Summary
This report presents a marketing plan aimed at resuming tourism in the valley of Swat located in Pakistan. The valley of Swat remained under the control of terrorist organizations until the military operation was carried out.


The valley of Swat is known for its amazing natural beauty and therefore there is a huge attraction for domestic and international tourists. In order to resume tourism in the valley after the removal of terrorists hold, this report presents a three year long marketing strategy which is categorized into three phases. The first phase will focus on attracting domestic tourists; the second will focus on domestic and international tourists, while the third phase will concentrate only on attracting international tourists towards Swat valley. The marketing plan presents an overview of the financial aspects of the strategy. Strategic Marketing Plan Resuming Tourism in Swat Valley (Pakistan) Introduction This report covers a strategic marketing plan for resuming tourism in the Swat valley located in the South Asian state, Pakistan. The valley of Swat had been under the control of terrorists and extremists before a successful military operation conducted by the Pakistan Armed Forces in 2009 (Khan 2010). The structure of the report is based on the marketing plan structure presented by McDonald (2008). The marketing plan is based on the following structure: Part 1: Goal Setting This part presents the goal set to be achieved from the marketing plan presented in this report. ...
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