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Ethical issues surrounding children advertising.

The organization tends to do those activities that could earn them maximum returns but doing marketing ethics would earn them a competitive advantage for a longer period of time (Kotler and Armstrong 1999). A business does well when they are focused in satisfying the needs of the customers then their competitors as per the requirement of their target market. As the world are getting more savvy about their rights in getting a desired product, the company has to adhere ethical values rather than just providing the products. Customers develop a positive attitude towards the organization when it behaves ethically. A company that tends to follow otherwise leads to the negative behavior from the customers and results in dissatisfied customers and a negative publicity and eventually losing a customer. So, forming an ethical advertisement that would target the children in a sociably ethical manner would earn the company’s revenues (Hebert 1998). In this paper, the effects of advertisement on children’ attitude and behavior and social upbringing is discussed by addressing different issues and literature that currently exists on this subject.
Children have a mentality of learning things very quickly and they have a nag of remembering those things that they often see in their childhood. Everything that they pick up these days has an essence of advertising in it. ...
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Many people react differently to certain advertisement and this is the reason why the advertisers should be more careful while targeting these children because they learn things and behaviors around them as they grow. Practicing of ethics in marketing terms is to be fair and morally right…
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