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Global Marketing Management Contents Global Marketing Management 1 Contents 2 Introduction 3 Purpose of the Internationalization Plan 3 Market Opportunities 4 Internal Resources of the Company 5 Marketing Objective 6 Internal and External Analysis of the Company 7 Market Segmentation of the Company 10 Competitor Analysis 10 Internationalization Theory 11 Recommendation and Conclusion 13 Reference 15 Bibliography 17 Introduction In the era of globalization, a company with a good financial and non-financial base will certainly think about the expansion of the company overseas.


Hilton food group Plc is in the retail meat packing business in Europe. They are the supplier of the major food retailers of Europe who have global presence. The group has presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Central Europe, Sweden and Denmark. The group wants to expand its business in more countries and subsequently wants to broaden their customer base. The paper is an attempt to analyze that whether or not the company should expand their operations in more countries. For preparing the report, the researcher will analyze the resources available to the company, their financial capability, no-financial condition, also the analysis of the industry and the competitors. If the researcher finds that, the company should expand their business overseas then the right place of expansion will recommended. Purpose of the Internationalization Plan Internationalization mainly occurs when a firm decides to expand its R&D, selling production and other related business activities in the international markets (Hollensen, 2009, p.44). ...
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