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Principles of Marketing Communications

Few of the activities falling under marketing communications include brand language, branding, advertising, graphic design, direct marketing, publicity, packaging, public relations, sponsors, online marketing and sales promotions (Baker, 2000).
The objective of the current essay is to analyse a marketing communication campaign. The research will include assessment of the approaches and techniques used in the campaign in order to attract customers and retain constant communication channel. Relevant concepts and theories will help in revealing the critical connection between these theories and their underlying applications. The study will include an in-depth understanding of the various components and elements of the marketing communication campaign. The study will also shed light on relevant issues in the campaign and how the organisation resolved these issues in order to establish a smooth campaigning process.
The current marketing communication campaign of IKEA can be regarded as an effective strategy for building long-term loyalty and relationship among its customers. Though marketing communication is an age-old concept, its strategies and implementation techniques are evolving as customer demands and preferences are changing. It is no doubt that the marketer has shifted from product marketing to customer marketing and ultimately to relationship marketing (Kitchen and Li, 2005). In order to create long lasting relationship with customers, it is important to send messages which are creative and offer more than just products or service. As a result, organisations are increasingly trying to attract customer attention offering service which helps them to improve their overall quality of life. Creating advertisements and campaigns with a social propaganda has become one of the major trends among big and successful firms (Balmer and Gray, 2003). The same concept has been implemented by IKEA in its current brand campaign where the objective is to ...
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Marketing communication can be understood as a critical subset of the overall marketing concept idealized and implemented by organizations across industries. Marketing communications helps in identifying and establishing the relationship of an organisation with its consumers as…
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