A New Disney Theme Park Launch. Marketing Plan

A New Disney Theme Park Launch. Marketing Plan Essay example
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Name Professor Course Date Marketing Disney Park Theme Marketing Plan Overview The new amusement park has been based on the Disney theme to offer services that would be linked to other similarly named products. Disney has been renowned for their first class services in entertaining children while offering services related to their comfort.


Although the brand is associated with offering services for children, the park is meant to attract a larger demographic. The marketing strategy has to be implemented to accomplish the mission and achieve all the companies’ objectives. There is the realization that the business is established on a competitive ground, and a unique strategy needs t be applied to contain competition from other parks. The established plan needs to be clearly outlined to focus on eliminating competition, and selling strategies that ensure the brand is recognized on the competitive front within Sacramento County. The Disney theme park is expected to thrive within the market selected because the earlier research conducted concluded that the competition is minimal, with the market in need of a sustainable entertainment form. The mission statement and objectives of the company are outlined to issue clarity to the operation strategy to be implemented. Objectives The objective of the company is to become a leading family entertainment provision within the state of California beginning with Sacramento County that promises positive market returns. The main goals are: 1. To expand the branch beyond the county within a year 2. Increase market share by 20% of all the entertainment parks within California 3. ...
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