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Consumer Behaviour in China - Essay Example


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Consumer Behaviour in China

Personality Personality refers to special organization of the different behaviour of particular individuals. This is in regard to both physical and psychological aspects, which influence the behaviour and responses in the social and physical surrounding (Silver, 1986 p. 67-89). Through studying of the personalities of the Chinese, one can study the consumer behaviour of the Chinese. The personalities of the Chinese vary from one individual to the other. The personality of individuals helps in identifying individual differences. Although personality is usually consistent and enduring, it may change due to the life events. Personality helps in identifying the culture of individuals. Hence, emanating from the different personalities in China, the personalities help in determining the culture of the Chinese people. Most of the Chinese culture can be traced many centuries ago. The culture is unique, diverse and harmoniously blended. The government of china has supported the existence of the different cultures of its people since the citizens have different personalities. The Chinese have a culture in sports, food, art and drinking. Due to their culture of holding celebrations and partying, a drinking culture has been well established in china (Johnson, 2009 P. 135-141). In all aspects of merry making, drinking is made part of making merry. This is a culture that one cannot separate the Chinese from, and researchers argue that, most of the drinks taken in the Chinese celebrations involve mostly

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of beer. However, according to the behaviour of the Chinese in drinking, beer taking is concentrated in the urban areas. The rural areas are concentrated with those involved in taking mainly spirits. This difference is usually due to the existence of class differences between the individuals living in urban and rural areas. These personalities are controlled by the egos of the individuals (Taylor, 2011 p. 181-192). The people of Australia also have different personalities, which help in categorising them into different groups. The different personalities in Australia also help in determining the physical and psychological behaviour of the Australians. Motivation Motivation refers to the force within individuals, which makes them act. The driving force is created through a tension, which exists because of an unfulfilled need. Various human needs can be influenced by motives. Through the studying and measuring of the different human motives, a marketer is capable of identifying a market opportunity. The human actions are guided by the intended goals. These goals are usually as a result of a motivated behaviour. Motives can be either negative or positive depending on the intended goal by the individual. The Chinese are guided by motives in achieving their goals. Since new needs emerge daily, the Chinese develop either positive or negative motives towards achieving their goals. Positive goals involve doing an action in order to achieve a necessary objective while negative goals involve seeking an action in order to achieve an avoidance objective. Through the creation of the various motives, a marketer can influence how customers behave in responding to the different needs. Just like in china, different individuals have different motives due to the contradicting goals that they have. Studying of individuals’


Name Tutor Course Date University Consumer Behaviour in China Introduction It is essential to study the consumer behaviour since it determines the expectations of the target market (Herbert, 2001 p. 91-127). Through analysing of the consumer behaviour, a marketer is capable of determining availability of a market opportunity in an area…
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Consumer Behaviour in China essay example
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