Strategic Analysis of ARM Holdings

Strategic Analysis of ARM Holdings Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Strategic Analysis of ARM holdings Executive Summary UK based ARM Holding is one of the semiconductor companies, which have been posting impressive results in terms of market share. ARM Holding boosts of great technology (Maatouk, 2012), which has a played, a vital role in winning market share for the company.


To achieve this business design ARM collaborate with leading semiconductor-manufacturing companies to produce what the markets demands (McIntosh, 2011:86). Its partner companies have been able to produce smart and modern electronic devises, which consume little energy. The move made by ARM to collaborate with semiconductor companies is because of the expenses involved in designing and production electronic devices produced by these companies. Collaboration has symbiotic benefits to ARM and these semiconductor companies because ARM and the semiconductor companies spread the costs thereby reducing the overall cost they would have spent as individual companies. ARM has been able to make money through licensing semiconductor companies to use its designs (Espinoza, 2010). Since the technology design of ARM is appealing to the market, semiconductor companies, which have collaborated with ARM, have been able to make profit while marketing products of ARM. Marketing strategy of ARM has enabled it to compete favorable with other semiconductor companies. Introduction ARM Holding has been able to initiate competition in the semiconductor industry through its technological designs and strategic approaches it uses to command it business (Southon, 2011:126). ...
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