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Steve Jobs Biography Steve Jobs was the man who can be defined by number of characteristics attributes. an entrepreneur, the innovator, a visionary man. It can rightly be said that he was the one who brought about revolution in the modern computing world. He stood for innovation and creativity and always believed in making something unique that could benefit others.


Steve Jobs was one of those people who made an impact on the entire world and is being remembered even after he has left this world. Early years: Steve Jobs was born in February 1955 in San Francisco, California. His childhood wasn’t the smoothest of all and was adopted and also had difficulties in school times. Even in college days he could not complete the degree and dropped out shortly. Steve was adopted in his early age and he came to know about this fact later in his life many years down the lane (Gillam, pg 15). Steve jobs stayed in touch with physics and literature during his earlier years of education, yet he was struggling to find a path and direction. Jobs rather found interest in the electronics which he practiced with at his garage in childhood. However, things took a turn for the good when he first joined Atari and then Hewlett Packard where he came across a man named Steve Wonzniak who would become his partner in innovation and success journey in years to come. Steve Wonzniak was an engineer by profession. Early success: In contrast to the conventional subjects of education, Steve Jobs found his interest in the subject of creativity and it was more suited towards his natural abilities. ...
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