Global Marketing Management. British Petroleum.

Global Marketing Management. British Petroleum. Essay example
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Internationalisation is the demand of the time, but, why does organisations needs to go global? What are the benefits? Is it only to spread its business in other parts of the world? Such questions should strike every organisation before they plan to go international with their business.


Internationalisation in terms of marketing can be defined as the outward venture of a company into the international shores to expand its objective, market share and explore new opportunities. Every major company worldwide have ventured or are planning to venture in foreign land to grab the opportunity lying ahead in terms of resource availability, manpower, technology, etc. Internationalisation has helped in bringing the business around globe under one umbrella by making the goods & services available across the different continents and emerging as global brands. Global marketing is the need of the hour in today’s time with more & more organisations making their presence felt in almost all countries. Global venture for the organisations has helped to standardise their products, improve the services and lastly integrated marketing (Johanson, 2008, p. 11-15).
There are number of companies from different parts of the world who are now not subjugated as companies concentrating on domestic market, but, can be termed as companies catering to multi-domestic market. Organisations have believed in being a global company then domestic player with their approach of considering every country as their home country and doing business as per the ethics and cultural background of that country.
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