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Start a SME use SWOT and Pestle to analysis how it will benifit Simventure

The mission statement of the company would be “Best computing solutions in most affordable ways”. In order to achieve this mission, the company has established a vision that specifies the way in which it can act both incrementally and opportunistically. This will aim at providing cheapest products at the best affordable prices. The values that have been devised for the company are as follows:
From 1980s, industrialized countries of the world had taken up extensive R&D programs in their computing industry to improve efficiency of this sector and in this regard, U.K. was no exception (Impagliazzo, Lundin and Wangler, 2011). Internationalization of research had largely depended on political factors. It had been observed that, in Britain, the public policy was largely based on privatization and liberalization and R&D in the computing industry there was based on competition (Santangelo, 2002). This means that Jingo can carry out its operations without any public intervention and develop in a competitive manner. In U.K., the technology sector is under a competitive tax regime and is supported by a great infrastructure, which will propel the growth of firms in this sector. This, therefore, will be beneficial for Jingo. The government in U.K. has been actively trying to stimulate its technology sector by three main ways:
The inflation rate of U.K. had been recorded to be 2% in December 2013, which indicates that the economy is slowly recovering from recession (Trading Economics, 2014a). The GDP per capita of the country has been recorded at 37849.57 US dollars in 2012 (Trading Economics, 2014b). In the past few years, there has been a steady growth in demand of computer and related products in workplaces, with rise in social and educational status of people.
The biggest strength for the company will be the supportive attitude of the government and favourable ...
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The most important aspect about starting a business is that it should be able to cover its costs in the process. In order to do so, complete knowledge of the market structure is…
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