International Marketing: Fashion Industry

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International Marketing Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Findings 4 Part 1 4 PESTLE Analysis of South African Fashion Industry 4 Part 2 7 Company Profile 7 Strategy to Enter a New International Market 8 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction The fashion industry is one of the most popular and essential industries in all over the world.


There is a certain group of people who love fashion and they love wearing fashionable clothes. Fashion industry depends upon those people who love fashion, who love wearing fashion. There were many fashion designers in past and many of them are now coming up with their new trends and ideas (Institute for Manufacturing University of Cambridge, n.d.). The global textile industry has been evolving from the year 2005, as most of the countries are now importing their required supplies from various chosen countries, based on the price of supply that are being offered. South Africa is one of such countries, which has been doing really well in the fashion industry, in last few years. After 1994, South Africa started enjoying the reduced tariff system on imports and post 2005 the import activity between South Africa and Asia has comparatively increased. Not only Asian nations, few others countries are also in deal with South Africa regarding textile industry (Kearney, 2006). ...
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