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 Interactive and E-Marketing Essay example
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HEADPHONES THE PROPOSAL The proposal is to launch an online company selling high quality headphones delivering all around the world. The company needs to provide the product through the websites that is interactive. E-business is a business which allows the customers to sell trade and barter over the Web.


The fundamentals to the proposals success is the development of Four things: - 1 Attracting 200000 customers per month. 2 Converting 2000 of the 200000 of monthly visitors into paying customers. 3 Ensure high levels of satisfaction and loyalty 4 Securing financial funding enough to endorse a celebrity advertising as it is aimed at young people. These key proposals are highly dependent on securing a substantial budget justifying the proposal in commercial terms. Site design brief The design of the website will be done using the latest technologies that will enable it to advertise the services that are involved. Site architecture The site is organized in a way that there is a common entry point which is the home page. This makes it easy for the clients to identify the location they are in immediately they visit the web site. The three branches thatare the web services, online marketing and complain are the major services that the company offers. From the home page, the client can easily navigate to these sites with ease. In any of the said pages, one can encounter problems or may need to pay for that particular service; the third level therefore allows this ability of the web site (Baker, 1990). KEY COMPETITORS There two companies that sells the same product online and are our key competitors. These are Drebeats and Dennheiser. ...
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