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Student as a Product Assignment Assignment example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Student as a Product BAE Systems Detica deals in the development and management of intelligence systems that aim at providing security to clients. The company primarily centers on the development of solutions that strengthen national security and resilience and has 100,000 employees globally.


There are also a number of responsibilities attached to it. These include among others, target marketing to augment the company’s sales function and management and delivery of market research. The job also requires its holder to investigate and regularly distribute competitor intelligence and research. The basic pay attached to this position is $60,000 - $80,000 per year on a full-time employment basis (BAE Systems Detica, p.1). According to the government, defense and security companies are a formidable avenue of personal and national growth. As a certified security provider, BAE Systems Detica is at the forefront of intelligence security. National security has been of major concern since 9/11, making the intelligence security industry a thriving and integrated sector of the economy. Regulatory and demographic trends within the industry entail among others government streamlining of the intelligence security sector through regulations (Farese, Kimbrell, and Woloszyk, p. 497). ...
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