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T-C-B and I-D-U Positioning Exercise - Essay Example

Samsung are targeting low income category but Ipad still remains the market leader due to its high quality and high speed. Ipad needs to target companies in order for them to remain the market leader. Apple is focusing on increasing its Ipad sales and in the recent past it has opened outlets in other countries like China and Japan (Fill, 2002). Category After a survey, where five people were asked to compare Apple and other tablet manufacturers, apple was rated as the best in tablet manufacturing. The respondents said that apples products including the ipad were the best since they are able to meet almost all of their demands. Ipad has the highest processor speed of all the tablets in the market, the reason why it is the market leader. This is according to the respondents of the interview as seen in the appendix (Halborg, 2001). Benefit Most of the tablet customers are looking for speed, long battery life and an elegant and smart tablet for their day to day activities. Ipad is a unique product in the market it gives its users all these. Ipad accessories are compatible with other hardware from other manufacturers therefore are easy to maintain and use as compared to other tablets in the market like the Samsung galaxy. Ipad take less time to boot compared to other products like windows tablets. Ipads are less prone to computer virus compared to others like the Samsung galaxy (Nash, 2000). IDU analysis Importance Importance refers to the significance of the benefits to the fundamental motivation.

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The same may be said for financial prudence, production efficiency, quality assurance, crisis response, and any conceivable function in the organization. The specific reference to inclusion and diversity necessitates a specific response pertaining to the nature and substance of D&I, which is to transform the historically-ingrained, ideology-based bias of people against those of different races, gender, or persuasions (Appelbaum, 2002).
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It is good to know that a benefit assumes importance if it motivates the consumer to purchase it. It is therefore the role of Apple to aggressively market its ipad product so as to remain a market leader and also help the consumer perceive the ipad as important in their life. The consumer should be convinced that the ipad will solve some if not all of his digital problems. Compared to other brands in the market, ipad is perceived as an important product in the market. Ipad is seen as the most unique amongst the other tablets due to its unique features. From the survey, respondents said that ipad is important to them as it has a longer battery life compared with the Samsung galaxy (Schultz, 2000). Delivery This is the perception that the product, ipad, has the ability to provide the benefits to the consumer. Apple should convince its customers that ipad has the ability to fulfill the expected benefits. Ipad has successfully earned this perception as most of the respondents used in the survey said they preferred ipad to other brands in the market. Most of the respondents said ipad has a high ability to delivery as compared to Samsung galaxy and android (Shimp, 1993). Uniqueness This is the perception of a brand/product to deliver on the benefit relatively better than its substitutes. Ipad is definitely a unique brand in the market according to the respondents in the survey. Ipad has a longer life battery compared to android and Samsung galaxy. Ipad takes less time to boot as compared to the android and Microsoft tablet. Ipad is also less prone to virus compared to others tablets in the market. This uniqueness is a strong selling point for the ipad, and Apple should always endeavor to ensure that the ipad is always unique in the market (Tannenbaum, 1994). Positioning statement Product positioning involves creation and maintenance of a unique perception of a product in the customers mind; this will help in increasing the


Presented by (Your name) (Your school) Course Date T-C-B and I-D-U Positioning exercise T-C-B model analysis T-C-B positioning model was designed by Rossiter and Bellman in 2005. The acronym stands for Target customers of the product, Category of needs that the product satisfies and the Benefits offered by the product (Butterfield, 1997)…
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T-C-B and I-D-U Positioning Exercise essay example
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