Advertising and Segmentation Brief Analysis

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Advertising and segmentation brief analysis Name University Chose a household product and attach pictures of this item The household product that has been chosen is Windex, a glass cleaner. This is cleaner that exists in the market since 1933.


It has become a household brand and a generic name that always signifies the product as a window or glass cleaner. Recently it has also widened its range by even being used for other surface cleaners like the counter tops. 2) Create a detailed profile of the consumers that would likely purchase this item Windex range offers four products, a powdered or crystal form of Windex that can be used to clean bathtubs, wash basins, and kitchen sinks, a multi surface cleaner in the spray bottle that can be used to clean any smooth surface specially kitchen counters, marble tops, patios, stoves, Windex original is used to clean glass surfaces of windows and other glass tops as well in fact Windex is used as glass cleaner in general. The most innovative and the market leading product is the Windex outdoor, it has mop like cloth piece that can be attached to a rod that can be used to clean lawn’s glass doors. The product is like a gift from heaven for everyone. The most targeted customers are the housewives; they are the ones who are the main customers when households are concerned. They are usually responsible for the purchasing of grocery and other such house maintenance goods. The other users for Windex are bar owner and hoteliers; they purchase Windex in larger quantities for the mirrors in the lobbies, washrooms and bedrooms. Every person who is willing to have their glass surfaces cleaned is the target market for Windex. ...
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