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ZMC has answered the question “What is marketing” by availing a commodity to consumers, which its use is effective and efficient. It has conducted marketing by providing its consumers with a vehicle that is friendly to the pocket and environment.


ZMC has created and delivered to consumers a form of vehicle for personal transportation, which is “zero emission no noise” better known as “ZENN”. Ultimately, ZMC has addressed the question of marketing by creating, pricing, distributing a form of electric vehicle that is efficient for consumer use and above all it is environment friendly (Boone & Kurtz 34). Question # 2 The critical relationships that ZMC should focus on are with its consumers, companies in the vehicle industry and companies with a large number of vehicles. These three categories of consumers will provide ZMC with a big and potential market for its electric vehicles, which are environment friendly (Boone & Kurtz 36). Question # 3 One primary target group that ZMC has focused on is consumers. Precisely, ZMC has targeted commercial fleets and urban commuters. ZMC has taken various steps, which have aided in building relationships and value. These steps include developing a website in which the management has used to trace visitors and their preference. Through its website, ZMC has been able to establish the particular car that is preferred in a defined geographical area. ZMC has also built a relationship with consumers through viral marketing. The first adopters of the ZENN car have become evangelists of this product. ...
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