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International Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 4 Attraction of developed markets for successful brands of emerging markets: 4 Past Scenario, at a glance 5 Market Selection vs. Market Attractiveness 5 Current Market Scenario; emerging market brands targeting developed markets 7 Hyundai i20 production is shifting from India to Europe 7 Mining the developed market to analyse the current market scenario 8 Recent facts to support the reverse trend 9 The establishment of Godrej in overseas market is an example 9 $10.7 billion bid is confirmed by Bharti for Zain Africa assets 10 Challenges and Obstacles in the away to developed markets 10 Business challenges 10 People & Organizational challe


Current picture of global market shows two types of international expansion of successful domestic brands of any country in the World. Marketers from developed countries are looking forward to the emerging markets like India, China, South Korea, South Africa etc and seeking opportunities to expand their business operation there. Brands from emerging markets are trying to step forward to the developed countries like USA, Japan etc to start their business operation there. If we take the example of well known brands such as Samsung and LG, they started business in emerging market and successfully penetrated on the domestic market of South Korea and after that diversified globally in to the developed market like USA and as well as emerging markets like India and China. Indian successful brands like Tata, Bharti Airtel, Lenevo, and Kohinur have achieved some level of success in the global market specially developed markets. ...
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