Research Paper Reporting Results and Conclusions

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Research paper reporting results and conclusions [Student’s name] [Course Title] [Supervisor’s name] [Date] Research paper reporting results and conclusions Introduction: The report entails to find out the satisfaction level of the people for the performance of their city councils.


Literature Review: Governance defined in International literature: Kjaer (2004) defines governance as the setting, application and the enforcement of rules and it focuses on both the input side, the output side with a democratic procedure. Kjaer (2004) argues that the term governance was first differentiated from the term government because governance deals with the management of networks, which specializes in the delivery of services. Networks have been defined as the informal rules, which are governing the interactions between the State and the parties of interests (Kjaer 2004). The changing nature between the citizens and the local government: Almost 25 years ago in the developed countries, the citizen’s engagement with the local government was through electoral process. The representatives were elected through and were left to do their job. But since then there has been a decline in the trend of the local authority elections and has been shifted towards postal voting and amalgamation. The declining trend has led to the decrease trust in the local government (Russell 2004). As Russell (2004) suggests that the government has to encourage the participation in elections and recommended that there should be a focused intervention between the council size and the representation ratio in order to improve the voter turnout. ...
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