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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Marketing Marketing refers to all activities related to creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging goods and services of value to clients, customers, partners and the society (Kennedy 6). Marketing can also be defined as the process through which companies capture their clients by building strong customer relations, therefore, securing extra credit.


Individuals and business firms that need to be successful should; have the right message, to the right audience in correct timing (Kennedy 15). Without these factors, whatever product that is being promoted will have a poor turnout. Through testing one finds the best performance expectation of a product. This enables the marketer to assume a clear baseline that resonates to the best audience. This also includes online marketing strategies which are aimed at establishing their market. Moreover, measurement and testing is essential in marketing success and, only proper testing can provide this information. Without customers, then no business takes place since, they are the lifeblood to any business criterion. Therefore, this is the overall secret to success of any business firm or individual. In line with testing, tracking the business progress is vital. This has made many business firms depend on online marketing efforts which track businesses’ growth. There are also many other ways in which a business firm can look into the growth issue. Nowadays, marketing is enmeshed in a medium defined by technology. ...
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