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Mobile Marketing Paper

The behaviors of the mobile phone users have defined and outlined the reactions of the marketers. This means that the reactions or needs of the users have resulted to the growth of mobile marketing. Development of the target population in the study cannot go beyond the users of mobile phones. The research has not given the number of the sample target. It relies on the records given by different mobile phone providers and the outlets that the customers visited. Therefore, the target population is clearly defined as the total number of mobile phone users and has a social media application. The researcher in the work mentioned has used different methods of research to arrive at the conclusion. The first method that has been used in the research work is bibliometrics. This is the method of research that makes use of qualitative data and statistics to get the details or properties of a population. In the paper, many statistical data feature in inferring a habit of a customer. In the instance of getting the characteristics of Foursquare, the writer has ranked the users according to their using habits. The total number of mobile phone users in America has reached 10 million. This has taken statistical following to arrive at that point. There is also the use of historical method. The chronological recording of events creates the use of historical analysis. ...
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Mobile Marketing Name: Institution: Date: In relation to the research on mobile marketing, the target population has been confined to users of mobile phones. The target population has not been defined fully. Users of mobile phones are critically analyzed to display their habits…
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