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The Long-Term Effect of Marketing Strategy on Brand Sales - Assignment Example


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The Long-Term Effect of Marketing Strategy on Brand Sales

Interestingly, the managers expressed uncertainty about whether discounting and advertising play a major role in brand performance compared to distribution and product. The research methods employed in this particular study are both qualitative and quantitative in nature. The quantitative aspect of the study is evidenced by the expression of the data numerically and then statistical methods used to analyze it. Additionally, the observations made by the investigator are clearly numeric and have been organized and represented in the form of graphs that form the basis of analysis. The variables are both observable and measurable and vary across the different firms that contributed to the data pool utilized. Interviews (as a qualitative research method) have been utilized to obtain critical information by the investigators of this study. Qualitative methods when used in combination with quantitative methods help to better understand and interpret complex reality that relates to a particular social phenomenon. Additionally, qualitative methods help in understanding the implications of data that is quantitative in nature. ...
The model developed by the investigators allowed the study to get critical insights into the effect of the four factors (advertising, product, distribution and discounting) on brand sales both in the long and short term. The evaluation tools developed by the investigators are based on rich literature and have a well calculated margin of error. This in turn increases the

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reliability and accuracy of the findings of the study. The evaluation tools utilized allowed the investigators to differentiate the long term marketing effects from the short term marketing effects. They also enabled the investigators to differentiate the chain effects from the brand effects in cases where it is appropriate to do so. In order have a control of the changes that occur in the long term marketing strategies of brands that are competing, the investigators included and applied another tool of evaluation. In including this tool, the researchers were able to have a certain degree of control on the changes that occur in the marketing strategies (long term). This is critical, essentially because the sales of the products are a function of the marketing strategies employed. Although the evaluation tools utilized met the objectives of the investigators, the use of these tools is limited to small numbers of periods, variables and observations. The investigators concluded that product and distribution have a greater effect on brand performance than the traditional advertising and discounting. A closer look at their findings reveals that product (one of the market variables) has an elasticity of 1.37 (60%) and distribution is 32% (0.74). In sharp contrast, advertising had 6% (0.13) and discounting 2% (0.04). On average, all of the market mix


The Long Term Effect of Marketing Strategy on Brand Sales Name Institution The Long Term Effect of Marketing Strategy on Brand Sales Article Review This particular study utilized pre-existing data on the effect of marketing strategy on brand sales. The study population in this case is a minor component of the study…
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The Long-Term Effect of Marketing Strategy on Brand Sales essay example
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