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A. Explanation of the Participation Rate The participation rate is defined as “the percentage of working-age population reporting themselves as either working or actively looking for work” (Aaronson et al., 2006, p. 1). There is a difference between the participation rate, the employment rate, the unemployment rate and the percentage of individuals who are not in the labor force.


Also included in the employment rate are individuals who have a job but not at work, in that they are currently off work or furloughed, yet they have a job to which they will return. Also included in the employment rate are “unpaid family workers.” These are individuals who are working, unpaid, in a family business for at least 15 hours per week (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Individuals are considered to be unemployed, for the purposes of the unemployment rate, if the individual is actively looking for work, but is unemployed. Workers who are out of a job, due to a temporary layoff, but expected to be recalled, are considered to also be unemployed. During the survey week, the individual must be not employed, available for work and taking active steps to find work, in order to be counted in the unemployment rate. Individuals who do not count in the unemployment rate are individuals whom are discouraged, and no longer actively looking for work. ...
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