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Running Head: Marketing Plan Marketing Plan Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name Introduction Apple launched its I Phone in 2008 and since then the cell phone has become famous all over the world. Unique design and features that I Phone offers is the main reason why the cell phone is extremely famous globally.


The plan will also accompany environmental analysis, customer and competitor analysis along side with opportunities and threats. Company and Product Review Apple is a well known company all over the world and it’s famous for its cells phones, laptops, desktop computers and innovative technology gadgets. The company sells its products all over the world. Its cell phone series known as the I Phone has become extremely famous. I Phone became famous among teenagers and business people because of the services it offered. The touch screen feature of I Phone was something that attracted people towards Apple’s I Phone. The latest version of I Phone is known as I Phone 4 and was launched in 2010. I Phone 4 is considered as the smartest cell phone available in the market (Morris, C. 2010). There are some amazing features in the cell phone and it is already a hit. I Phone 4 design is also different from other cell phones in the market so this also is a reason for its huge success. Overall the I Phone 4 can be considered as a greatest cell phone made by Apple and no competitor is even near Apple in the cell phone industry. Environmental Trend Analysis United Kingdom market is a sophisticated market where buyers are well aware of the gadgets that come out in the market. Apple is a big name in United Kingdom too so people are well aware of it. ...
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