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Case Study on ABE books  Case Study example
Case Study
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ABE BOOKS Name Institution Table of contents 1 Introduction summary of the case study 2 Important values of AbeBooks 3 Important motivations of Antonio and Christine 4 Teaming and teamwork aspects 5 Components of creativity 6 Conclusion Introduction of case study on ABE books The case deals majorly with a challenging situation relating to employee turnover within the marketing team in, a given online marketplace for new, rare, used plus out-of-print books.


The dilemma became how he could prevent the third employee from quitting his job. In addition, of the two vacant positions, one became filled while the other remained vacant. Therefore, Antonio has to work with his Marketing director and human resource director to develop a retention strategy and recruitment. Therefore, the case considers cultural and generational differences, dysfunctional versus healthy employee turnover, retention and effective recruitment strategies, employee development plus motivation, employee engagement, job satisfaction and leadership development. Furthermore, organizational culture became examined in the case study too. The case study can be found at official website. Questions and Answers Values AbeBooks possessed quit a lot of instrumental and terminal values. Instrumental values remain as core values and totally compromise character traits and personal traits. Furthermore, instrumental values remain difficult to be changed. On the other hand, terminal values remain to more so signify objectives a given person or company wishes to achieve. Furthermore, terminal values often become flexible to change (Mould 2006, p.5). ...
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