Nike's Global Women's Fitness Business

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Nike’s Global Women's Fitness Business Name Institution Problem statement To find out the best options and recommendations fit for: The new general manager of the global women’s fitness business that would help him/her to improve and sustain the level of integration already achieved in that division of the company.


Improve the integration levels within particular divisions. Goal “To take a more consumer-oriented approach to the market, optimizing the company’s activities to give customers holistic collection of everything they want and need in a particular sports category.” Analysis Structure Currently, Nike uses the matrix organizational structure. This type of structure groups employees according to their functions and by product type that they are involved in production. In this type of structure, there is a horizontal flow of information and skills. The following components are distinctively identified with the matrix structure of organization: there is a top manager who is in charge of the entire matrix and is charged with the responsibility of balancing the two chains of command. Then there are two matrix managers who are in charge of their respective sub-groups. One of them is the product manager and the other is the functional manager. Pros: there is coordination to meet dual customer demands. It is suited for complex decisions. The structure is also suited for an organization with multiple products, like Nike. Cons: there are frustrations brought about by dual authority. This type of structure is time-consuming in decision making and conflict resolution. ...
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