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Marketing Communication of Adidas In today’s competitive market, survival of brands is a challenge to firms as they fight to keep their market share and retain customers. Crucial to achieving a brand’s competitive edge is its marketing communication strategy that differentiates it from other products and captures its niche market.


Largely, marketing communication aims to engage consumers by creating brand loyalty, awareness and favorable attitudes towards the brand. Created in 1925 by Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler, Adidas has dominated the sports apparel and footwear market for over 80 years. Adidas started off as a sports footwear company that designed special shoes for athletes, however, over the years Adidas expanded into sports goods as well. After its success in Germany Adidas expanded to the United States in 1968, and captured the American market in a matter of few years. Adidas’ success worldwide can be attributed not only to its unmatched quality and innovation but also to its marketing strategies. Being a premier sports brand, Adidas has been prominent in the sports world at all levels which has been a huge success factor for the brand. The broad product offering of Adidas has enabled it to capture a global market for itself; the product categories include Football, Basketball, Running, Training and Outdoor sports. Customization and innovation are key growth drivers for the brand. ...
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