How Does Individualism-Collectivism Influence the Sales of Mobile Phones in China

How Does Individualism-Collectivism Influence the Sales of Mobile Phones in China Essay example
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Research Proposal - How Does Individualism-Collectivism Influence The Sales Of Mobile Phones? The Case of the People's Republic of China Table of Contents 1.0.Introduction 3 2.0.Literature Review 4 2.1.Individualism and Collectivism 4 2.2.Impact of Culture on Product Selling 5 2.3.Chinese Culture and Its Impact on Mobile Selling 7 3.0.Objectives 9 4.0.Research Methodology 10 5.0.Ethical Considerations 12 6.0.Limitations of the Study 13 References 15 19 Appendix: Questionnaire for the Survey 20 1.0.


Whereas, collectivism can be defined as a working culture where people work in groups, form relationships among teams and prioritise the team’s goal before their individual goals (Aldulaimi & Zedan, 2012). It is in this context that marketing strategies are designed based on the culture of a country where the product is to be positioned. Hence, collectivism culture of a target market can be effective for marketing brand with names which are preferred more than the product itself. Consumers who consider other’s opinion to rely on a product can be influenced by the collective marketing strategy such as word of mouth. Whereas, in the individualistic culture, the consumers do not rely on other’s information, rather make choices according to their individual likings. Advertising, packaging and promotions can be some of the factors that influence a change from collectivism culture to individualism culture such as the quality of group of people using the product (Ekerete, 2001). ...
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