Marketing Ads: "I Am a Mac, I Am a PC"

Marketing Ads: "I Am a Mac, I Am a PC" Essay example
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Marketing Ads: “I am a Mac, I am a PC” Marketing Ads: “I am a Mac, I am a PC” In 2006, Apple Inc introduced a controversial advertisement, “I am a Mac, I am a PC” as part of their marketing campaign for Mac computers. This advertising campaign continued until 2010.


The director of this TV ad concentrated more on attacking the weaknesses of PC and projecting the merits of Mac. Moreover, this ad was intended to make a direct comparison between Mac and PC so that the viewers will get a clear picture about the merits of Mac over PC. However, this ad failed to make much impact in the market and as a result of that Apple forced to withdraw it in 2010. This paper analyses why this marketing campaign failed and what could have been done better to make it still alive. Suggestions for the improvement of the ad “I am a Mac, I am a PC” “A good number of people dislike the commercial series because it was all about making the PC look bad” (Misaimed Fandom: Advertising, n.d.). Apple should have avoided direct comparisons between Mac and PC in this ad. Since majority of the people all over the world are users of PC, they know very well about the merits and demerits of PC. Apple’s attack on PC was taken negatively by the PC savvy people all over the world. Instead of making any direct comparisons with PC, Apple could have projected the merits of Mac in an indirect manner. It should be noted that Microsoft started a marketing campaign called I am a PC to counter the threats of Apple’s “I am a Mac, I am a PC” which got more acceptance among the public. ...
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