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Name Professor Course Date It is valuable to note that the motor industry forms one of the largest industries and competitive of all industries in the world that deal with manufacturing. However, this competition turned out to be disastrous to the once flourishing industry, and resulted into congestion that subsequently led to the consolidation of almost forty two automobile manufacturers to only 17 in a span of forty years (Schein, 2004).


According to Schein (2004) it is difficult to merge two companies of different cultures, but this difficulty is further enhanced when the companies to be merged come from diverse cultures as well as unlike geographical regions. History of Chrysler Chrysler Company is an American automobile organization that was founded in 1925. This is a point in time when Walter Chrysler decided to establish his namesake automobile company with foundation values of distinction in engineering and novelty. This company has its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with thirty three manufacturing facilities in four different countries that have employed workers exceeding fifty two thousand. The core values that were established by the founder have done a great deal of task in stirring the company towards the creation of firsts in both extraordinary numbers of sectors as well as innovations in engineering (Mueller, 2006). These core values have, in part, functioned to transform the motor industry to the current status. ...
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