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Youth are persons between the ages of 18 and 30. People falling under this age bracket are significantly attracted to digital music (Ferguson 43). Youth likes watching music, and are involved in downloading of popular tunes. Therefore, youth is the best target group that the advertisement will be aiming. Giving out purchase incentives in some of the Lindsay Ell music downloads is one of the best promotional strategies for Viral Vinyl Records to use in marketing its music.
At Viral Vinyl Records, the marketing department has understood trends prevailing within the music market. The company has researched on the music industry history, current situation and major trends in the market. Therefore, Viral Vinyl has a clear picture on both the current and expected dynamics of music sales. The record company has done good analysis on the competition and also analyzed customers’ attitude towards genres like jazz, blues and rock music. This analysis has helped to identify target groups, especially when selecting on the proper strategies of reaching the selected groups. Viral Vinyl will conduct its advertisement processes through social media channels where there is a growing interest for Lindsay Ell music.
Viral Vinyl Records target group is the music lovers, especially those who love rock, jazz and blues. The company is targeting social media followers and keeping them up to date on Lindsays activities, especially by informing potential fans about the cities hosting live concerts. In order to understand what Lindsay fans expect, the company will encourage interactive sessions through social media. This way, Viral Vinyl Records will have a better strategy in marketing the music and attracting more customers to buy its tunes.
The process of passing intended message to a targeted group, which in this case is the youth will be instrumental in facilitating achievement of ...
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A company must be conversant with the customers’ behavior, dynamics involved in the target group and other relevant demographic factors…
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