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Mass Media Name Course No: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: There are three major sociological theories which are made for the betterment of society, that are conflict theory, functionalist theory and interactionism theory. These sociological theories can also apply in social institution as well.


There are many positive impacts of these sociological theories of mass media on the society and I will discuss these impacts in this paper. Conflict theory and functionalist theory are the major perspectives of social change. Firstly, conflict theory is based on class conflict. Conflict theory was written by Karl Marx. There are three major classes in the society that are upper class, middle class and lower class. All three classes are unequal. . But the Karl Marks defines only two classes in his theory ruling class and the subject class. Ruling class means upper class which has all luxuries, power, status etc. Subject class is a middle class which is a key stone of every society, it consists of working class. Middle class always work hard for improving their status. It is the struggle between these two unequal classes. Unequal classes mean conflict between those who have the means of producing wealth and those who do not have. Class struggle between unequal classes leads to social change (Marx, 1971). Karl Marx said that all changes which emerge in these classes are the result of conflict. ...
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