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Marketing Management Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0Stakeholders Analysis 4 2.1.Customer Analysis 4 2.2 Competitor Analysis 5 2.3Company Analysis 7 2.4Community 8 3.0Branding and Positioning 9 4.0Marketing Mix 11 4.1Product 11 4.2Price 12 4.3Place 12 4.4Promotion 13 4.53B’s Framework 14 5.0Marketing Budget and Implementation 16 6.0Conclusion 17 References 18 Bibliography 20 1.0 Introduction To generate awareness within potential customers and population in general, regarding the products and/or services rendered and regarding its brand name, each and every company needs to promote its brand or products and/or services through various promotional tools and techniques.


This report will focus on developing a sustainable promotion campaign for the Spring Collection 2012 of Swarovski which would let the targeted customers identify certain facts about the products and persuade them towards their ultimate purchases. With due consideration to these facts, the major objective of this report is to plan the product promotion using various promotional tools and techniques, such as the Marketing Mix and the 3Bs Framework, for the Spring Collection 2012 of Swarovski in a sustainable manner. The plan will focus on implementing shareholders and stakeholders analysis to justify the strategic actions beneficial for the promotion of Swarovski. The report would involve several criteria to select promotional tools, and goal setting programmes performing the role of a sustainable marketing plan. The prime intention of conducting this report will emphasise on increasing the annual turnover of the company’s crystal business which recently was recorded to surpass its EUR 2 billion benchmark in the year 2010. ...
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