Marketing Plan for White Appliances Inc.

Marketing Plan for White Appliances Inc. Essay example
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The main purpose of this report is to develop a marketing plan that could be used White appliances Inc. in marketing its microwave products in India. The study outlines the long term and short-term marketing plans that could be used by the company in India.


White Appliances Inc. primarily focuses on meeting the needs of the high-income customer segment and this strategy will call upon the company to serve customers across the various income segments including the lower-income segment. This study has identified that the company’s positioning strategies should focus on differentiating the company’s products from the other products variety provided by competitors. The pricing strategy identified also allows the company to launch its brand in the market and build relationships that promotes the customer-business relations this study has used push strategy to optimize use of the available distribution channels. This strategy will help the company to offer distributors some generous discounts that would enable them achieve the objectives of giving the distribution channels incentives. This study has done market intelligence to analyze customers and competitors and has also conducted micro and macro environment analysis using SWOT and PEST analysis. Creating product awareness and improving customers’ knowledge about the product are important in achieving the desired market presence. Background of the company White Appliance Inc. is one of the international companies in America that manufacture and markets its appliance products globally. Microwave ovens are one of the company’s product lines with production plants in United States and in Asia. White Appliances Inc. Produces and markets its products to high-income customers across its global market. ...
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