Analyzing a Supply Network

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Since the advent of information age the business landscape has changed dramatically. Globalization which is the main reason behind this change has shifted the paradigm in which businesses used to work (Skinner, Bryant, and Richey, 2008).


All these requirements have been imbued upon the companies so as to ensure their continuity. In light of the above discussion, for companies it has become imperative that they streamline their operations to match the dynamics of their business environment. The degree of coordination required between different functions of the business has never been higher (Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky, and Simchi-levi, 2007). Not only is coordination required between different functions of the business but also it is required between different channel partners. This coordination between departments and channel partners should result in the sharing of accurate and timely information (Halldorsson, Kotzab, Mikkola, and Skjoett-Larsen, 2007). This information should enable a channel partner to adjust its operations to fit the requirements created by the new change. In this current globalised environment a holistic view a business entails a supplier, manufacturer, distributors and customer. This makes up the supply chain of a business. The extended supply chain of a business would be supplier suppliers and customer customers. Thus, in this highly complex and vast supply chain it becomes imperative for supply chain partners to share information between each other so that they could serve their customers effectively. ...
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