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Topic: Service Marketing- A report analysing each diary entry. Identify drivers that account for i) satisfaction or dissatisfaction with services; and ii) loyalty and repeat purchase. Expectations from a service need to be clear. As customers, we should have clear indications of our expectations from the service provider.


Dividing the various services encounters into two sections of “satisfying” and “dissatisfying” experiences, let’s start with the first encounter experience at the Ice Bar in London. Our experience at the Ice Bar in London was average because we were kept waiting for 20 minutes. Once entered in the specified area, we got the feeling of cramped in an overcrowded space without any seating arrangement. Staff strength was minimal to attend to the large crowd although their smiling faces reduced our level of dissatisfaction. The management should add more aesthetic elements to the bar so that it does not remain a one-time visit. Overall, the experience at Ice Bar was disappointing, as it failed on the parameters of prompt service. The queues were long to get entry in the Ice Bar, leading to dissatisfaction. Assaf and Magnini (2012) have conducted statistical analysis of customer satisfaction in hotel efficiency, which indicates that if customer satisfaction is not given due importance, it can lead to huge difference in the mean and ranking of hotel efficiency scores. Efficiency measures can help a hotel in attaining its objective of providing satisfaction to customers, which is minutely related to planning, organizing, decision-making and information seeking by managers. ...
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