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Lessons From Lafarge

Objectives of ISO 14001:2004 The internal objectives of the ISO 14001:2004 are provide assurance to management for controlling organizational processes and activities having an impact on the environment, and to assure the employees that they are working in an environmentally responsible organization. The external objectives are assuring external stakeholders like customers, community and regulatory agencies about the environmental issues, conforming to the environmental regulations. Other objectives include supporting the organization’s claims and interactions about its environmental rules, strategies and proceedings. A structure for representing compliance by means of suppliers’ statement of conformity has also been an object (ISO 2012). Environmental Performance Measurement The first generation of environment performance evaluation (EPE) comprised companies with reactive environmental policies. The focus was on the risk management and dealing with environment related costs. The available environmental performance data was used for internal purpose (Bennett et al. 1999, p.84). The second generation environment performance evaluation is marked by the inclusion of stakeholder management in the framework. Companies moving to this phase focus on site reporting. This phase is also influenced by the total quality management. This requires more detailed data. ...
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Lessons from Lafarge Cement is an extremely polluting production. Industry leader Lafarge is trying to change that bad name. Lafarge is a member of the United Nations Environment Program (Lafarge Website 2012). Lafarge is certified with the environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 (Certificate of Registration, 2010)…
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