McDonald's Takes the Blame for Obesity

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: McDonald's takes the blame for obesity. The risks associated with obesity in children are devastating. Health reports indicate that obesity such as Asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and self esteem issues closely relate to obesity (Waters 7).


The following is an examination of Critical Concepts: Experts blame the adverts targeting children to be responsible for causing obesity. The most relevant concepts in the case against first food joints are their marketing policies. Perhaps the aim is to cripple the allure junk food produces through adverts which are particularly appealing to children. However, Ronald McDonald in the same light as Joe Camel is a bit of a stretch. Attacking the marketing strategies of business entities to me amounts to clutching at a straw. There are rules that govern the world of production and marketing. In a situation where a product has production rights, the production company has the right to market it. In view of the above sentiments, McDonald should consider rebranding its image but not to exclude Ronald McDonald. Marketers, especially in France argue that positive ad inclusions such as, “eat fruits daily, exercise, and drink a lot of water” appeal more to customers than severe health warnings. For instance the caption, “cigarette smoking is harmful to your health, did not reduce the number of smokers in Europe or America. Therefore, adding health messages as proposed by the French is a constructive move. ...
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