Analyse an organisation of your choice and to produce a report

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Analyze an Organization of Your Choice and Produce a Report 1. Critically analyze how effectively the systems and processes being deployed within the organization have aligned to deliver the organization’s performance objectives: Business operations can be defined as the function which plans and estimates the day to day activities within an organization.


Successful communication among other functional departments within the company. Participating in business planning for developing strategies. Working within the constraints of an integrated budget, and combining all fiscal practices, while following other recognized policies, procedures and controls. “While operations are generally well understood and structured in most large organizations, business operations in many small to medium sized companies tend to be less clear. It is not unusual to see functional lines or boundaries blur together or; departmental responsibility and accountability shared by many people within one organization” (Defining Business Operations within the Organization 2006, p. 2). The systems and processes play a very significant role in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the organization. The organizations emphasize in their reports about how much they rely on the operation and systems. The operations of business changes from organization to organization. It concentrates on the volume and character of the business. ...
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