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Communication In Business

The citizenship mission meets the community needs and makes the company more responsible towards the society. The company advocates the important role of good corporate citizenship, which helps people and businesses to realize their full potential. The Microsoft company reports highlight that, and the reports take into account the interests of all the stakeholders such as governments, employees, customers, shareholders, partners and communities. In fact, the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and the FTSE4 Good Index also admitted that Microsoft is the leader of corporate citizenship.
Steven A. Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corp, explained that the company has many social activities. For instance, Microsoft YouthSpark empowers young generation through education and technology. Its ‘Technology for Good’ initiative donates software to non-profit organizations and it extends its impact through knowledge sharing. The sensitive approach gets reflected in its ‘Humanitarian Response’ chapter. The company’s ‘Accessibility’ chapter deals with creating opportunities for disabled people and wellness for senior people.
According to the UN report, nearly 15 per cent of the global populations are disabled. The term disability is basically an umbrella concept that includes physical, mental, cognitive or emotional impairment, or it can be combination all these challenges. A disability can be inborn or can be developed afterwards. The UN fact sheet also estimated that there are 1 billion people who live with some sort of disability. They are the largest minority globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that this figure increases with growth of population, aging process and medical advancement and
Microsoft tries to combat the huge challenge with the help of technology. It believes that technology can empower people. Microsoft introduced accessibility features into its, software, and hardware ...
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The study has considered Microsoft Corporation and the social issue is the challenge faced by people with disability.
According to the Global CSR RepTrak…
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