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Branding Strategy- Nike Inc.U.K

The positioning strategy of Nike is; to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. This is supplemented by Nike's definition of an athlete as anyone who has a body. Nike’s brand is perceived as a high performance brand in the world. Since its inception, Nike has always listened to its customer’s needs (athletes) and designs its products in such a way that athletes can give their best. Nike has tried to create an image of “innovative product” in the minds of its consumers and earned the reputation of highest quality provider in the sportswear industry of U.K. From the simple Marathon shoes in 1964, to introducing the cushioning technology in running shoes in 70s, to the introduction of air technology and high alpha line products are all the marvelous innovations of Nike. Nike has made its brand image in the market place by associating its product with high achievers of sports in the European Market. Nike has signed Golf player Tiger Woods, Tennis player Rafael Nadal, European Soccer Players Eric Cantona and Robert Mandeni, Football Player Michael Jordan in the past. All these players endorsed Nike brand and Nike emerged as a high quality, celebrity preferred brand in the marketplace. Further, in 2006, Nike collaborated with Apple which indeed was a clever step to take Nike to the heights of Glory. ...
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This report is about the marketing and branding strategies of Nike Inc., the world’s largest sportswear company, which has led the path of success with the technique of acquiring different companies and brands which all distribute through the Nike Inc group. …
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