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With a clear level of branding architecture, an organization can decide on the level of branding that will receive the greatest support and emphasis. In addition, the organisation can also establish and define the relations between the various brands in the organisation. Branding has moved into the daily lives of individuals in the Western societies affecting more sectors than ever before as the competition for audiences among companies intensifies (Owen, 1993). Branding is no longer a concept limited to companies, as there has been a rise of the practice in universities and other institutions. However, as branding becomes a mainstream practice and concept, it risks being misinterpreted and misunderstood. This is because branding is not only creating a logo and graphics to represent a company, person, or country (Healey, 2008). Branding is encompassed by the perceptions of the reputation as well as the tangible look and feel of the company, service, product, individual, or country (Hestad, 2013). It relates to the behaviour of the company as well as the customer experience. Therefore, the concept of branding, applies to aspects that are within and outside the organisation.
Consumers usually generalize their attitudes and perceptions across services and products based on two key factors (Hansen & Christensen, 2004). These factors are the impression they form on product attributes and the credibility of the country of origin of a brand or product (Hansen & Christensen, 2004). The product attributes include value of money and product quality while the credibility of the country of origin of a product is based on the individual’s familiarity of the country of origin of the product. These two factors are responsible for the creation of a favourable perception in a consumer that influences them to purchase and use a particular product or brand.
The challenge, however, is the formation of stereotypes that are responsible for influencing individuals’ ...
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The first step towards establishing a successful brand is to understand how to balance and manage divisional, corporate, and product brands and subsequently leverage equities across an…
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