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Assignment 6

The all serve purpose of advertising with difference in approaches and content of the messages.
This is the initial stage where consumer is made aware of the product and forms a vague idea of the product/service. The marketer needs to ascertain the level of awareness the customer has and act fit towards clearer understanding of the product/service (P.J., 2010). Explanation and use of sample displays at this point will drive the point home increasing the chances of making a sell.
At this point, the consumer is well aware of the product or service but probably misses the actual benefits or offers the product or service will accord him. By learning what the target market have an understanding and the depth of the knowledge, the best foot forward here is increasing the spread of the detailed knowledge of the product/ service.
A stage is reached when the customer has started relating with the product and develops special connections to it. This is the liking stage and the marketer is to understand the feeling of the consumer about his product /services. When the marketers get a hint of the feeling, they take an appropriate action towards putting campaigns or communication into design.
In cases where the market has different other products, the market will seek to unearth the preference of the customer. Getting a glimpse of the priority listing the customer has, the marketer tries a concerted effort to improve preference and bringing it up the priority list.
At this stage, the marketer has come along way to give up. The consumer should be given the strongest reason possible to strengthen his belief in the product/ service being offered. The marketer at this point needs to choose the right words that will strongly recommend the product to the consumer to drive conviction of the good or service.
The above stages make no sense if it does not culminate at the purchase level. This stage succeeds the conviction stage where ...
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Marketers who have the goal of making sales out to the customers must understand the six phases involved when drafting their organizational marketing plan. A marketer takes six stages to make a consumer make a decision of buying or not buying a product or service. The stages are…
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